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Customized OCIO

We are a leading Outsourced Chief Investment Office to endowments, foundations, and other long-term investors. We collaborate with clients on the design of investment policy and portfolio construction, and then assume responsibility for implementation and manager selection. Portfolios are customized to meet clients' distinct needs, objectives, and risk tolerance, with varied allocations across asset types. Within portfolios, we ensure all clients have equitable access to our differentiated manager relationships.

Alternative investments

We believe alternative investment strategies play a key role in investment portfolios, and that the gap between well-selected and poorly selected alternative investments is wide. We have deep domain expertise across a broad spectrum of private asset classes, with a particular focus on small buyouts, real estate, and venture capital.

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Impact integration

Our impact approach is founded on our conviction that we can deliver positive outcomes for people and the planet without sacrificing financial returns.1 Using our rigorous impact measurement framework, we prioritize managers and investments with the potential to solve pressing social and environmental problems.2

Recent Insights

Ten Mistakes in Investment Policy Development

An effective Investment Policy Statement should support good governance and the unique needs of your institution. Our whitepaper explores common pitfalls in investment policy development and offers guidance on how to get it right.

GEM Private Pacing Methodology

Sourcing and manager selection typically get top billing in conversations around private investments, but one underappreciated aspect of a successful private allocation—explored in our recent whitepaper—is the art of pacing commitments to ensure appropriate portfolio allocation.

GEM 2024 Outlook: The Big Debates

In our 2024 Outlook, we outline four current issues that are impacting portfolios and offer our views on how these questions might influence our allocation strategy and the broader economic landscape.

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1 Returns are not guaranteed.

2 To select impact investments, GEM utilizes the GEM IMP Framework, a comprehensive model adapted from the Impact Management Project’s Impact Management “norms” and Impact Classes and applied by GEM to assess impact by evaluating investment strategies and managers, including but not limited to the impact of portfolio companies on key stakeholders and investment managers’ contributions to impact. For more information on the Impact Management Project, please see For the avoidance of doubt, GEM reserves the right to modify the GEM IMP Framework and its application.