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Who we are

A shared vision of success

GEM partners with a select group of endowments, foundations, sovereigns, families, and other long-term investors to protect and grow multi-generational capital. We craft sophisticated portfolios to meet clients’ objectives and deliver access to a diversified mix of asset classes and alternative investments.

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* As of April 1, 2024

Our approach

Partnership that builds on your strengths

As the investment office for our clients, we strive to be an integrated partner. We design portfolios around specific goals and constraints, including risk tolerances, liquidity requirements, and strategic plans. But we also look to build a deeper foundation of trust and rapport, standing ready to collaborate on a broad range of financial and organizational matters as if we were an embedded member of the team.

What you can expect from us

Boutique size and deep partnership

Custom portfolios aligned with your goals1

The resources and expertise of a leading investment office

Who we serve

Our client community

We proudly serve a select group of mission-driven nonprofits and long-term investors.

Family offices and wealth advisors
Other long-term investors
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Investment solutions

We aim to translate our clients’ return goals, spending needs, and risk tolerance into an appropriate portfolio structure, then leverage our extensive networks and endowment experience to source and underwrite compelling manager and investment opportunities across asset classes. We use diversified custom and commingled structures to help ensure efficiency, fairness, and alignment across our clients. Both multi-asset and asset class–specific portfolios are built using a single, rigorous investment process.3

Recent Insights

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An effective Investment Policy Statement should support good governance and the unique needs of your institution. Our whitepaper explores common pitfalls in investment policy development and offers guidance on how to get it right.

GEM Private Pacing Methodology

Sourcing and manager selection typically get top billing in conversations around private investments, but one underappreciated aspect of a successful private allocation—explored in our recent whitepaper—is the art of pacing commitments to ensure appropriate portfolio allocation.

GEM 2024 Outlook: The Big Debates

In our 2024 Outlook, we outline four current issues that are impacting portfolios and offer our views on how these questions might influence our allocation strategy and the broader economic landscape.

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1Custom allocations require investing through a customized portfolio, which typically incurs a higher expense load than a commingled portfolio.

2 These individuals represent current clients invested with GEM. They have not been compensated or incentivized in any way for their comments, and GEM is not aware of any conflicts. The clients featured do not include all clients invested with GEM, and the comments provided are specific to these clients and not necessarily indicative of the experience of all GEM clients.

3 Returns are not guaranteed. Custom allocations require investing through a customized portfolio, which typically incurs a higher expense load than a commingled portfolio.